Professional Skin Protection Foam.
Gentle, effective and economical for everyday use.

About us

Vederma is passionate about skin and how to protect it. We sought out a product to help solve an age old problem of skin irritation. Vederma are the sole UK distributor for VEOMEE Skin Protection Foam.  We are constantly seeking new technologies to add to our health and well-being portfolio.

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Skin Protection Foam

Every day our skin is in contact with a wide range of physical irritants. Healthy skin is the primary organ in the human body that protects you from your surroundings and has a physiological defence mechanism against a variety of substances.  VEOMEE has been shown to form a protective barrier in the skin helping to protect the skin from the possible negative effects of handling external irritants.

All natural functions are maintained and sense of touch is unaffected.  Following application, the skin barrier has been shown to remain intact for at least 4 hours even if the skin is washed with soap and water and sanitized during the 4 hour period.  After 4 – 6 hours perspiration from the skin dissolves the skin barrier and it evaporates.


Unique skin preservation

VEOMEE is a professional two-dimensional skin protection foam which should be applied directly to clean, dry skin.  VEOMEE supports the  skins normal barrier function and can be used on all areas.  The micro-fine foam quickly penetrates into the top horny layer of your skin and forms a highly protective network that potentially stops harmful substances and allergens from causing a pathological reaction.  For external use only it can be used prior to applying your usual skin creams or under make-up.

The benefits of VEOMEE

VEOMEE supports the normal barrier function of the skin. It is practical and easily applied.

The foam is non-greasy and leaves no residue on surfaces.

Does not contain citric acid or lanolin.

Supplied in an aluminium can suitable for recycling.


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